The Psoriasis Strategy Review

Do you know that the skin is the biggest organ in the human body? Fascinating isn’t it? Now imagine your biggest organ in terrible pain or discomfort. All the time. It sounds unbelievable but for the millions of psoriasis sufferers this is their reality. If you are a psoriasis sufferer, you will definitely want to check out ‘The Psoriasis Strategy’ which was formulated by Julissa Clay. This all natural, effective product identifies the underlying triggers which when addressed can get rid of your your psoriasis for good. Sam Johnson is a user of the product and he shares his experience on the official website.

What really causes psoriasis? In the body, we all have cells called T-cells which work in the immune system. These T-cells are like our own army within the body as they fight against pathogens and therefore keep the human body healthy. Unfortuntely, when someone has psoriasis, the T-cells attack healthy tissues in their body. The tissues then die, and new cells are made to replace them. The T- cells then attack these new cells again causing them to die as well. In healthy people, cells are replaced every 3-4 weeks but in psoriasis sufferers, the cells are replaced every 3-4 days.This causes an accumulation of cells on the surface of the skin which causes the skin to scale.What results is red,itchy, swollen, unenviable skin and it doesn’t stop there. The scales sometimes form patches which may bleed when they crack.Sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it? Yet many people are dealing wih this challenging and sometimes embarrassing situation. Thankfully, help has arrived.

What is the Psoriasis Strategy?

This downloadable, comprehensive, life-changing product was formulated by Julissa Clay. Julissa understands that people are going through the struggle of being stared at and rejected because of their psoriasis, and how much of a toll this can have on your self esteem and quality of life in general. People often notice the red, flaky skin which may bleed spontaneously.Doing customer-facing jobs is next to impossible, as some customers may think it is contagious and this will affect sales. This condition can therefore keep you back from doing your dream job.

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In her program, Julissa has identified key areas which are fundamental to the treatment and ultimate elimination of your psoriasis for good. Be assured that by focusing on these underlying triggers, you are well on your way to being psoriasis free. On the official website, Sam Johnson explains that he suffered for fourteen long years with his psoriasis and he wished he had gotten this product sooner, so he could have saved himself the unnecessary pain. He got rid of all his symptoms and had unblemished skin in just a few weeks.Would you like to know how?

How was the Psoriasis Strategy discovered and developed?

Sam Johnson suffered for many years with psoriasis and had tried numerous remedies to get rid of it. He had used creams, ointments, and alternative treatment methods to no avail. He initially heard of Julissa Clay’s product while on an old forum he had frequently visited in the past. He had observed that Julissa’s name arose quite a few times with regards to her natural and very effective way of finding permanent solutions to many chronic,everyday illnesses.

Julissa informed him that though there are several causes of psoriasis, the three main causes were Diet, Lifestyle, and Man-made products. When these underlying triggers are treated, though the time taken may vary from person to person, results are typically seen in four weeks. Results are not achieved faster as this is the time it usually takes for healthy, smooth, unmarked skin to grow back.

How does Psoriasis Strategy work?

Julissa has identified three main causes of Psoriasis which are as follows:

  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Man-made products


Everything we eat and drink makes up who we are. As the saying goes,’We are what we eat’. Therefore if we change the foods we consume then ultimately we will change the body that we own and a body that we can be proud of. Julissa’s recommendations are not for us to go on a restricted diet, but for us to make healthier food choices.In her program, you may eat as much of the recommended foods and you may actually lose some weight in the process. Additionally, you can still eat the other foods you enjoy but in the correct way. The foods that she recommend can be sourced readily and in the case that some foods need to be removed from your diet, she gives healthy alternatives.


Lifestyle is one of the most important keys in achieving overall good health. This trigger has many aspects which are expanded below.


Every one of us faces stress in our life at one point or the other. It helps to enable the fight or flight mechanisms in our bodies which are designed to protect us from harm. When stressed, our bodies releases cortisol.In ancient times, people became stressed when faced with big carnivores and it is the fight or flight mechanism which enabled them to remain alive. So once in a while, their bodies had a rush of cortisol.However, as the stress was removed, i.e, the animal was killed, the cortisol in their bodies returned to a low level.

Nowadays though, we are faced with stresses everyday and not enough time to relax. Taking care of our households, maintaining jobs, being good parents and just managing life overall puts tremendous pressure on us. Our bodies therefore are constantly releasing cortisol and the level builds up. The cortisol level is supposed to drop and therefore relieve inflammation. When the cortisol level is continually high this causes a condition called cortisol dysfunction. What is synonymous with cortisol dysfunction? Chronic inflammation and pain.


Every human being has mental health and phsical health.Both of these states may be either positive or negative. Julissa is assured of the fact that the better your mental health is the better your overall health will be and therefore the chances of triggering your psoriasis will be less. It has been proven by medical practitioners that there is a connection between your overall emotional sate and the immune system.

It is not just the presence of negative thinking that affects us. The absence of a good and positive mindset can also negatively impact the immune system. Julissa says there is need for regular, positive, motivational thoughts to improve your entire self.The more you think positively the healthier you will be. Julissa noticed that many people go through life and do not pay much attention to their feelings. Feelings need to be addressed because if they are not, they can consume us. In this program, she asks questions which reveal to us many things about ourselves.


Sleep is not just a period of rest where we get to revitalise ourselves. It is a period of cleansing. It allows our bodies to detox and clean out impurities. During the day, our bodies burn energy and this produces many waste products. When we are sleeping deeply, our bodies relax and switch functions down to drastically reduce the production of waste.This all happens during deep sleep. Therefore, as you can imagine, if you are not sleeping properly, your body will not be able to adequately get rid of necessary waste.We need to sleep properly everyday, or at least on a regular basis.

When yesterday’s waste products are not removed before today’s waste products are added, this results in an accumulation of waste in the body and this triggers the immune system to start fighting infections. When the body fights infections, this causes inflammation and when inflammation worsens, so does psoriasis.With Julissa’s product, you will be guided to improving sleep habits and therefore be psoriasis- free in a quicker time. Sam Johnson said on the official website that after just 2 days his sleep habits improved.


Many of us live a rather sedentary lifestyle. This means that we sit or lie down for too long too often everyday. Sitting, especially in one position for a long time actually increases inflammation and also the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.In her product, Julissa outlines simple cures for sitting too often or too long.

Household Poisons/Man-made Products

Many household cleaning products have toxic chemicals .Poisons in fact. If you pick up many of these items and look at the label, you will see symbols or written instructions i.e. Wear gloves, Skin irritant, Dangerous if swallowed, Do not inhale, May cause injury or death if concentrated and inhaled. These instructions are not to be taken lightly. Many of these products, even if they are used as directed, pose a significant threat to our health and are poisons to our personal environment.
Do you know that even our personal cleansers i.e soaps , perfumes, and shampoos may also be triggers? I know many of us are not willing to give up our products especially those which make us smell sooo good, but a simple question needs to be asked. Which would you prefer more? A temporary scent or permanent relief from psoriasis?

How The Approach Is Different From Other Treatment Options

Here are some other treatment options for psoriasis and why Sam Johnson believes that they are not as good for treating psoriasis as ‘ The Psoriasis Strategy’.

1. Emollient – This a cream which which was applied to prevent water loss and add a protective layer to the skin. This stopped the itching for a while but the other symptoms still persisted.
2. Steroid creams(topical corticosteroids) – This improved the symptoms significantly for a while and Sam thought his psoriasis was actually curing. This turned out not to be true. His symptoms got worse. Side effects of the was thinning of the skin which made bleeding more imminent.
3. Calcipotriol – a vitamin D treatment – This was added by Sam Johnson’s doctor to be used along with the steroids. This combination worked for a short time to reduce the symptoms.
4. Drugs – Sam tried a drug which worked to weaken the immune system and therefore reduce inflammation. However, this drug had a terrible side-effect. It caused a burning sensation in many places in his body. Sam says he felt as if the side-effect was worse than the condition itself. This caused him to not be able to continue with this treatment for long enough.
5. Phototherapy (in combination with Dithranol and cold tar) – Sam noticed that this treatment worked for a while but the effects wore of after some time.
6. Light treatment called PUVA.- This treatment was not comfortable. Before the light treatment, he had to ingest a protective tablet containing psoralens. Then he had to do the light treatment. After, he had to wear special glasses for 24 hours to prevent eye cataracts. There were also many side effects such as headache and nausea. This treatment was especially uncomfortable and drove Sam to seek another solution. Thankfully, he discovered Julissa Clay’s ‘Psoriasis Strategy’ and was able to get rid of his psoriasis for good.


1. Program is written in clear, straight forward language which is easy to understand. No research is necessary.
2. No equipment required.
3. No procedures, medications or drugs involved. Just soothing habits that gradually improve your immune system.
4. No strict diet plan required. Some users may experience weight loss.
5. 60 day money-back guarantee to protect your purchase in case you require a refund.
6. Downloadable( PDF or e-book), information based product which you have unlimited access to download by you and your closest family members.


1. You may need to change some aspects of your diet.


The Psoriasis Strategy is an all natural, effective solution to permanently get rid of your psoriasis. It does not fix your psoriasis instantly, but instead takes four weeks to improve and then disappear for good. Not only would you get rid of your psoriasis, but you will achieve an overall sense of well being. You will no longer have to suffer from prolonged inflammation, and the redness and embarrassment that will ensue from it. Imagine a life with no itching, or bleeding skin. No heavy dandruff. You will be able to pursue that dream job without worrying about what people will think about your skin. You will have blemish free, radiant skin. You will not just be stronger physically, but emotionally as well. Let’s get started on the road to being psoriasis free with The Psoriasis Strategy. What do you say?

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