Our Vision

Network YES aims to provide reliable reviews and assessments through scientific research and interdisciplinary networking. It also aims to provide resources for professional development to prepare entrepreneurs, creators and talented individuals for successful careers and to help prepare them to serve as key leaders in their industries. Our advisors and researchers provide the intersections between sustainability and quality of the development.

Our Mission

Network YES promotes the development of new products and services through establishing an extensive worldwide network of qualified researchers and writers. We provide professional development resources and opportunities for early-career creators.

Network YES is aiming towards building bridges between consumers, early-career creators, and businesses:

  • Fostering international collaborations between early-career creators.
  • Raising the public profile of the geosciences through educational outreach and service activities that focus on global scientific and policy issues.
  • Promoting scientific, professional, and academic collaborations between early-career creators.

Need a specific review?

If you did not find a review for a specific product or service that you are looking for on the site, or you need us to review a business or product idea you have, you can request a review by contacting us.