10 Minute Awakening Review

10 Minute Awakening is a unique self improvement system that aims to help you to expand your reality, create the life you want, and magnetically attract new wealth.

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Project D P

Decision Points Project

This project aims to determine the key inflection and decision points in the career pathways for the labour force, from university through to 10 years post graduation.

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Our Mission

Network YES is an expert team of young researchers and writers who are from different colleges, universities, organizations, and companies from across the world.

Network YES was formed as a result of the wide need for reliable assessments and reviews of products and services in today’s market.

We also provide assessments and reviews of business and product ideas. We are aiming to provide solutions focused on the challenges of lack of information and transparency, facing today’s consumers in various markets, as well as career and academic pathway challenges faced by career seekers. Network YES aims to establish an interdisciplinary global network of individuals committed to solving these challenges.

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If you did not find a review for a specific product or service that you are looking for on the site, or you need us to review a business or product idea you have, you can request a review by contacting us.