Women in Geoscience Survey

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The YES Network is running a survey about women in Geoscience and we would like to have your opinion. 

The survey comes in the context of a global initiative launched by the UK Chapter of the International Association for Geoethics (IAGETH)(http://www.icog.es/iageth/index.php/571/) to comemorate its newly formed Commission on Gender and Geoethics (CoGG). The YES Network will contribute to its first Special Issue and we hope to give an insight from our perspective about this topic.

Please take a few minutes to complete it and let us know if you have more ideas and suggestions to improve it and/or to contribute to the empowerment of women in this discipline, especially the early-career ones.

Link to the survey: http://goo.gl/PS3DfL


Note: This survey is basically made by and for women in the African and Asian continents. However, we have tried to adapt it to a broader audience and to both genders. We are eager to receive inputs and feedback from male and female geoscientists from the other parts of the world and comments to improve it. All contributions and initiatives are very welcome!


Project Coordinator: Amel Barich

Collaborators: Tanvi Arora, Cecilia Mukosi

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