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The YES Network's Contribution to the 

IUGS Global Geoscience Workforce Taskforce's 

Compendium on Educational Institutions, Geoscience Employers, and Professional Societies


Join the project! The YES Network is assisting the IUGS Global Workforce Taskforce in completing a global compendium on geoscience information (educational institutions, professional societies, employers). You can read more about the project below.

To provide your inputs to this project, review the information in each of the categories by using the menu under the banner image, and leave updated and or new information by completing the form at the top of each page.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Leila Gonzales at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for your help!

About the IUGS Global Taskforce

Application of the geosciences is a global activity in which geoscientists work, learn, collaborate and contribute, often across international boundaries. The health of the discipline of geoscience and of its practitioners is dependent on there being a sustained contribution to the well-being of society, strong public awareness and support of the Earth sciences and, most importantly, the continuing development of new professionals to replace the old.

Like many other professional groups, the global geoscience workforce faces two major concerns: the pending retirement of post WWII professionals and uncertainty regarding the adequacy of their replacement with respect to quantity and quality. This concern is acute both in developed and developing nations. Knowledge of the number of geo-professionals and their distribution, both in terms of specialization and affiliation, is currently very poor globally. There is even greater uncertainty with respect to predicting the number of new Earth science graduates and post graduates.

The establishment of an IUGS Task Group on Global Geoscience Workforce will enable the Union to take a leadership role in raising the quality of our understanding of the geoscience workforce across the world. As demonstrated in recent conferences, including the 33rd IGC in Oslo, the issue of a sustainable Earth sciences workforce is of global concern, but the ability to address the issue remains elusive for most nations.

Through the leadership of individuals and organizations that have already documented details for this particular issue, the IUGS Task Group on Global Geoscience Workforce will facilitate the development of national and international measurement and understanding of the workforce issues. In addition, the Task Group will represent a key organ in building an understanding of the varied educational and employment environments across the world, so that baselines that allow for comparability of metrics and capabilities may be established and shared with member countries.

The Compendium on Educational Institutions, Geoscience Employers and Professional Societies

The IUGS Global Geoscience Workforce Taskforce is currently working on compiling a compendium of geoscience academic departments at educational institutions , geoscience professional societies, and major employers of geoscientists.

The compendium is currently comprised of a list of professional societies, and a list of geoscience departments around the world. The Taskforce has been asked to provide additional information about geoscience departments, geoscience professional societies and major employers of geoscientists that are not listed, and updated information on current listings where necessary.

The Compendium will be a report that will establish the global baseline of knowledge regarding the geoscience workforce. The report will be key for identifying the major fields of endeavour in the Earth sciences, the raising of public awareness of the importance of these, educational and training requirements, professional workforce levels and adequacy, cross-boundary issues and regional roles in the geoscience marketplace.

The YES Network's Contribution

The YES Network has a extensive geographic distribution (over 770 members in 85 countries) and its membership will be able to provide valuable input to this project. Many YES Network members are either students or early-career professionals who will be aware of the most recent information about university programs, professional societies, and employers (i.e. website addresses, contact information, etc.). YES Network members are encourage to examine the lists of educational institutions, professional societies, and employers and provide new and/or updated information for these lists.

By getting involved in this project, the YES Network will provide valuable information to the international geoscience community and strengthen its connections with IUGS and the other partners of the Taskforce initiative.

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