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Get involved in current YES Network member projects and / or start one yourself!

Browse the menu to the left to read about the different YES Network projects. If you have an idea that you’d like to develop with other YES Network members, but are still working out the details, you can post your idea in our YES Network Newsletter. Send a brief description of your research or project idea and your contact information (name and email) to the YES Network Newlsetter team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), and we’ll post your information in the next YES Network Newsletter.

Once you have a plan and description of your project written, submit it to the ExecutiveTeam (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). This team will review project proposals from YES Network members/working groups and upon approval of the projects will provide the YES Network endorsement of the project. The YES Advisors will assist you with identifying partners who can collaborate on proposed projects, and provide you with helpful comments on your project.

Summary of Current YES Network Projects

Women in Geoscience Survey

Project Leader: Amel Barich

The YES Network is running a survey about women in Geosciences and we would like to have your opinion.

The survey comes in the context of a global initiative launched by the UK Chapter of the International Association for Geoethics (IAGETH)( to comemorate its newly formed Commission on Gender and Geoethics (CoGG). The YES Network will contribute to its first Special Issue and we hope to give an insight from our perspective about this topic. It will also help us define challenges facing the YES community around the world and work towards reducing gender gaps in Geosciences.

Please take a few minutes to complete it and let us know if you have more ideas and suggestions to improve it and/or to contribute to the empowerment of women in this discipline, especially the early-career ones.

Link to the survey:

Your Opinion Matters!

International Geoscience Programme (IGCP)

IGCP Project 596 (2011-2015) : Climate change and biodiversity patterns in the Mid-Paleozoic

The face of Planet Earth has changed significantly through geologic time. The configuration of continents and oceans and the organisms that inhabited them are very different from those we see today. Dynamic processes still active today, such as plate tectonics and climate change, have shaped the earth’s surface and impacted biodiversity patterns from the beginning. IGCP 596 is specifically interested in the interaction between climate change and biodiversity in the Devonian and Carboniferous Periods (416 – 299 million years ago) when the terrestrial ecosystems experienced a biodiversity boom and oceanic ecosystems suffered catastrophic extinctions.

It is our intension to foster co-operation between YES and IGCP 596, thus we recommend to visit the relevant website frequently.

Various workshops and conferences are planned for the next years and we would be pleased to see a good number of young scientists attending the IGCP 596 meetings. For further information see the webpages and contact Peter Königshof at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

YES Network: Geomicrobiology Initiative

Project Leader: Punyasloke Bhadury

Over the last decade the interdisciplinary domain of Geobiology including geomicrobiology has generated plenty of interests among geologists, earth scientists and biologists. New discoveries in geomicrobiology has significantly changed the way we think about the origin and evolution of life on earth. YES Geomicrobiology is an initiative of YES Network to motivate early-career geoscientists to pursue research in geobiology and also encourage collaboration amongst geologists, geochemists microbiologists and environmental scientists. Through this platform ideas will be exchanged among YES Network members in areas of geobiology including geomicrobiology. Job openings/PhD positions/Meetings and workshops/grants applications relevant to the field of geomicrobiology will be posted on a regular basis. Opportunities for establishing long-term international research collaborative link amongst early career geoscientists will be actively explored from this platform.

Decision Points in the Geoscience Career Pathway Survey

Project Leaders: Joanne Venus, Leila Gonzales

The geoscience profession is currently facing a substantial workforce gap as approximately half of the current workforce retires over the next 15 years. The current cohort of early-career geoscientists is not large enough to replace the retiring cohort, and the small influx of geoscience graduates into the profession will not be large enough meet the future workforce demand. This issue has been documented and discussed extensively in the U.S. (Gonzales et al., 2010; AGI, 2009), and it is also a prevalent global geoscience issue. Given the attrition rate (e.g. enrolment:degree ratio) in geoscience university programs, and the small percentage of geoscience graduates who enter the core profession, there is a pressing need to encourage the uptake and retention of early-career geoscientists.

This project aims to determine the key inflection and decision points in the career pathways for early-career geoscientists, from university through to 10 years postgraduation. This study will not only identify the factors contributing to individual decisions, but also will monitor their career choices over a ten year period. The results will provide direct insight, both positive and negative, into the causal factors for decisions pertaining to enrolment and retention in geoscience university programs, as well as decisions about career pathway choices.


YES Network Contribution to the IUGS Global Taskforce's Compendium on Educational Institutions, Geoscience Employers, and Professional Societies

Project Leader: Leila Gonzales

Join the project! The YES Network is assisting the IUGS Global Workforce Taskforce in completing a global compendium on geoscience information (educational institutions, professional societies, employers).

The IUGS Global Geoscience Workforce Taskforce is currently working on compiling a compendium of geoscience academic departments at educational institutions , geoscience professional societies, and major employers of geoscientists.

The compendium is currently comprised of a list of professional societies, and a list of geoscience departments around the world. The Taskforce has been asked to provide additional information about geoscience departments, geoscience professional societies and major employers of geoscientists that are not listed, and updated information on current listings where necessary.

The Compendium will be a report that will establish the global baseline of knowledge regarding the geoscience workforce. The report will be key for identifying the major fields of endeavour in the Earth sciences, the raising of public awareness of the importance of these, educational and training requirements, professional workforce levels and adequacy, cross-boundary issues and regional roles in the geoscience marketplace.

By getting involved in this project, the YES Network will provide valuable information to the international geoscience community and strengthen its connections with IUGS and the other partners of the Taskforce initiative.

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