YES Election 2016

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The YES Network is launching its elections to form the new leadership team!

The official call in the link below has been approved by the Nomination Committee of YES Network Chaired by David Govoni

The Call for the Election 2016

The Candidate list

To vote you must LOG IN, in case you are not yet a member REGISTER HERE

Description of roles and responsibilities in the Statutes and Regulations can be found in the website  in the statutes and internal rules

Members of the Executive Committee shall be Full Members who have served for the YES Network as leader position in National Chapters or other Team of the Network.

There are 7 positions to be elected  for next term 2016-2017:

- President

- Secretary General

- Communicating Science Team Leader + 5 Team Members

- Regional Team Leader + 5 Team Members

- Career Development Team Leader + 5 Team Members

- Communications Support Team Leader + 5 Team Members

- Scientific Collaborations Team Leader + 5 Team Members

The first step of these elections is to candidate yourself for Team Leader positions available.

1.      Who can be nominated

Candidates for positions of President and Vice-Presidents (not include the other two positions: Secretary General Treasure) either have a leadership experience inside YES Network or to be accepted by the Selection Committee based on evaluation of  Curriculum Vitae.

For what concern leadership experience include served as previous members of Executive Committee, Team Members, NR and Members of Leadership of National Chapters.

The Selection Committee will evaluate their profiles based on previous professional experience,  academic activities, as well as other YES criteria (early career, age range, specialty in Earth Sciences).

A general criteria considered by the Selection Committee is that at least one candidate from every continent but no more than 2 members from the same country will be nominated for the positions.

Each candidate for Vice President (Team Leaders) needs to prepare a list of 3 regular YES members to form a  team.

 2.      Who can vote on final candidates

All regular full members of YES can vote.

These include those  who have registered in the new YES Network web-site or  in the old website, the latter need to cast their vote via the new website and they need  to formally accept new YES statutes and regulations. 

3.      Time schedule for elections


Call of the election

Released in March 2016.  

The call will be sent to all possible channel of distribution to make sure all members of YES are aware of them

Collection of candidate profiles

From 1st March to 22nd of April


Selection of  candidates by Nomination Committee and release on names

By 30th April 2016


Call for votes

From 1st May to 15 May 2016


Announcement  of  new EC

About 20  May 2016


Ceremony of transfer from old EC to new EC

IGC – August 2015 – South Africa




If you are not registered to YES Network, or have not updated your profile of old website you must first register here, and then log in as member of YES

The elections will be held from 22nd April to 15 May 2016

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