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This is an important document that describes the research interests of a scientists and the evolution of his research, highlighting main research accomplishments and future direction and potential of his work. It is commonly required in the academic job application and it should be technical but also intelligible to all members of department, including those outside that specific discipline (Cornell University Graduate School). The research statement will also need to touch on how your research could benefit the institution to which you are applying and how contribute to your field-its relevance, distinctiveness and importance.

Usually the document describes prior and current research projects, following it focuses on research goals for a 3-5 year period and potential outcomes. It is better if the applicant write his excitement about his research, the challenges encountered along the way, and how he overcame these challenges. If applicable, funding organizations likely to support your research agenda and alternative projects showing the breadth of your interests

Research Statements can be weakened by:

  • overly ambitious proposals
  • lack of clear direction
  • lack of big-picture focus
  • inadequate attention to the needs and facilities of the department or position

The document should be not too long (1-2 pages, 3 at the most). It is better to use page-short paragraphs and organize the document logically into headings and subheadings with schematic definitions (bullets...).

It is important to find a senior professionist/researcher to proofreading and feedback in order to improve the text


Here there are some pages where you can find more tips and also examples:



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