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Second Semester 2014 Issue - Highlights:


1. YES Network Updates (page 3).
2. YES Network Annual Report (page 4-7).
3. 3rd YES Congress Report (page6)
4. YES Congress Proceedings (page 8). 
5. News from the Executive Board (page 9).
6. Crossing Boarders Article: Interview with Dr Nizar Ibrahim on the Discovery of Spinosaurus in the Moroccan Sahara (page 10-11)
7. YES Member Showcase: Amiya Kumar Samal (page 12).
8.  Leadership Opportunities: Send us your application now!  (page 13).
9. Geoscience Community News (page 14-15).

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News from the Leadership Teams

Geoscience in YOUR language!
The YES Network Communications Support Team is launching the initiative "Geoscience in YOUR language" to invite the YES membership world wide to share their geoscience experiences in their native languages.

This initiative aims to break the language barrier and encourage young earth scientists around the world to communicate their science in their own languages. We believe it is crucial for the young and early career geoscientists to develop Geoscience Communications skills in their own language to help innovation and promotion of Geosciences in their respective countries.


Gender and Geoethics in Earth Sciences

The YES Network is launching an Online Survey to evaluate the conditions of female earth-scientists around the world. This survey will help us identify the problems and needs of the female YES members around the world. Potential tools and initiatives will be set to help young female earth-scientists in their career path.

Please take a few moments to complete the survey and let us hear your feedbacks about it!


Executive Board

We are happy to announce that the YES Network is the first international associate of the AGI Federation. Read the press release:

Call for authors in YES Earth Science Book

Dear YES Members and Colleagues,It is our great honor to invite submissions to the first YES Book Academic edition for special issue on Earth Science.
This special edition of the book is meant for the Senior secondary school and graduate college students. It focuses on the fundamentals of Earth Science, scope of the Earth science studies. A major section of educated society will also be the target readers of this special edition.
YES book will be published and housed by the University of Tucuman, Argentina, under the INSUGEO Management. INSUGEO, Institute of Geological Correlation, is an academinc unit of University of Tucuman and the CONICET, the research council of Argentina. The series of the book will be indexed in EBSCO, Ulrich International Periodical Directory, Thomson Reuters ISI Master Journal List, Zoological Record, Gale Cencage Learning y Georef, Directory of Open Access Journals DOAJ and Latindex.
Submission requirements:
We encourage all YES members to submit the proposals. Interested authors need to send the chapter proposal (not more than 500 words) via email to networkyes.secretary[at] with subject: YES Book Proposal. A CV/Resume of the interested author is required to assess the experience in the same field.

For more information about the themes, deadlines and contacts, please visit our blog on:


Skype Chats & Webinars

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to encourage YES Network members to become involved in YES Network activities. We are planning to start a series of on-line discussion sessions held via skype. These will run in a similar way to the online component of our roundtable sessions. If you would like to volunteer to run a topic please get in touch ( Topics could be related to Earth science, careers, outreach, crossing borders, etc. We will provide you with support on running the session.

28th January 2015, 4pm GMT (We're looking for a moderator!)
National Representatives - ‘Drop In’ Skype Chat

Add yesnationalreps to your Skype contacts. Meet and chat with other National Representatives, exchange tips and develop ideas on how to build your National Chapter. This session will run as as text chat session.


YES Network Meetings & Activities:

More updates soon, stay tuned!



Opportunities for YES Network Members

Check out what's going on in the YES Network around the world and get involved with upcoming YES Network activities!

Leadership Team Opportunities:

Leadership teams, do you have positions and duties that YES Network members can help you with? If so, send your position announcements to , and we will post them here and in the monthly YES Network Newsletter.

Call for YES Network members who wish to assist in various YES Network activities and projects
Do you want to help with the running of a YES Network event? Do you have an idea for a workshop? Or would you simply like to get more involved in the day-to-day running of the network? We have lots of exciting projects in development, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved! Please note that there will be a time commitment requirement with all projects, so do let us know how much time you can invest. Thank you! Contact me directly at if you are interested. Please ensure that the email subject reads:  "Call for YES Network members" or I might miss your email.
~Best wishes,
Wang Meng, YES Network President

Become a YES Communications Team member!
We are seeking motivated YES members to join us in the team and participate in the different Communications Team activities!
Insterested? E-mail us now at: with your CV and a short letter to explain to us your motivations for this position.
We're looking forward to hear from many of you soon!

Newsletter Editor and Designer/Illustrator Needed!
If you're interested in the position or would like more information, please contact the YES Network's Database Administrator and Membership Services Manager Heather Houlton at (cc  
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for more information. 


Research & Project Collaborations:

Have an idea that you’d like to develop with other YES Network members? Post your idea here. Send a brief description of your research or project idea and your contact information (name and email) to, and we’ll post your information here and in the next YES Network Newsletter.

1. YES Network: Geomicrobiology Initiative
Punyasloke Bhadury

2. Updated Decision Points Survey
Jo Venus and Leila Gonzales

Thank you to all who participated in the YES Network’s Decision Points Survey. We got a lot of feedback from our survey participants and had several good discussions with colleagues at the AGU 2010 Fall Meeting in December. Based on these discussions, we have updated the survey to be more extensive to better capture information about why people stay in or leave the geosciences. If you have not yet taken the survey, or if you have already taken the survey, we would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few minutes out of your busy day to fill out the updated survey.

3. Women in Geoscience Survey
Amel Barich, Tanvi Arora, Cecilia Mukosi
The YES Network is running a survey about women in Geoscience and we would like to have your opinion.
The survey comes in the context of a global initiative launched by the UK Chapter of the International Association for Geoethics (IAGETH)( to comemorate its newly formed Commission on Gender and Geoethics (CoGG). The YES Network will contribute to its first Special Issue and we hope to give an insight from our perspective about this topic.

Please take a few minutes to complete it and let us know if you have more ideas and suggestions to improve it and/or to contribute to the empowerment of women in this discipline, especially the early-career ones. 
Link to the survey: 



Geoscience Community News

News from around the world from the international geoscience community!

General News:

International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) 596 (2011-2015)

Climate change and biodiversity patterns in the Mid-Paleozoic
IGCP 596 is specifically interested in the interaction between climate change and biodiversity in the Devonian and Carboniferous Periods (416 - 299 million years ago) when the terrestrial ecosystems experienced a biodiversity boom and oceanic ecosystems suffered catastrophic extinctions.

We recommend to visit the relevant website ( frequently. Various workshops and conferences are planned for the next years and we would be pleased to see a good number of young scientists attending the IGCP 596 meetings. For further information see webpages and /or contact Peter Königshof (

Better Warnings for the Consequences of Earthquakes

How can we better prepare ourselves for massive earthquakes to prevent damage and loss of life? Read the story at

AGI Launches GeoWord of the Day

In celebration of the release of the revised 5th edition Glossary of Geology for the Kindle and Nook platforms, the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) has started a free GeoWord of the Day service.
The GeoWord of the Day is a fun and convenient way to learn a new geoscience term every day. Each morning (US ET) the service will highlight a new word or term featured in the Glossary of Geology, ensuring daily authoritative terms and definitions for years to come. Users may choose to receive the GeoWord of Day directly through email by subscribing online at

OneGeology is very pleased to add a Russian translation of the OneGeologyKids web pages, now available online.

If you would be able to help provide additional translations into your language, please get in touch with the OneGeology secretariat at

Upcoming Events:

2015 GSA Annual Meeting: 1-4 November in Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Technical Sessions - Deadline: 1 Feb. 2015
Any individual or geosciences organization is welcome to suggest topics and submit proposals for both Topical Sessions and Pardee Keynote Symposia. Pardee Symposia are high-profile sessions on significant scientific developments, with invited speakers only. Topical Sessions are a combination of invited and volunteered papers. Unique formats are allowed, but they must be outlined in the proposal, along with the technical support needs. Sessions that promote spirited discussion are encouraged.
Short Courses - Deadline: 2 Feb. 2015
Share the wealth (of knowledge)-Propose a Short Course. Courses can be run to develop professional, teaching, and research skills at all levels. Proposal guidelines are available online or by contacting Jennifer Nocerino at
More info:

EGU 2015: Call for papers
Are you interested in presenting your work at the upcoming EGU General Assembly? Make sure to submit your abstract by 07 January 2015, 13:00 CET. The EGU 2015 General Assembly is taking place in Vienna, Austria from 12 to 17 April 2015.
More information:

RALI 2015: An International Conference on the
Rise of Animal Life "Cambrian and Ordovician biodiversification events"

Promoting geological heritage: challenges and issues, on 5-9 October 2015 - Marrakech, Morocco
A special symposium dedicated to aspects of Geological Heritage will be held in conjunction with the conference and will highlight associated educational, cultural and socio-economic issues.
More information:



More Geoscience events are published regularly on our blog: Subscribe for more updates!

Resources, Positions & Funding:

Summer Work Experience for Geoscience Students
Ontario, Canada
Are you interested in a fantastic experience learning geology in the field while being employed as a summer field assistant on an Ontario Geological Survey field project? Check out the details:

CFES Survey of Canadian Geoscientists under the age of 35

If you are a Canadian geoscience professional or student under the age of 35, please check out the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences (CFES) online survey at: There will also be a link to the Survey on the CFES website CFES, in cooperation with Geoscientists Canada ( and the Canadian Council of Chairs of Earth Science Departments ( has identified the need to better understand the transition from university graduation to initial career advancement of Canadian Earth scientists.

YES Bulletin News

Check out the First Edition of the YES Network Bulletin!



Earth Science Education: A Necessary Tool for Development in Africa. A Product of the YES Africa 2011 Roundtable Discussion. I. Ddamba (Download)  p.5

Hydrostratigraphy. S. Mukherjee (Download)  p.10

Mount Bambouto Caldera (Cameroon Volcanic Line): Formation, Structure and Environmental Impact. G. Zangmo Tefogoum, D.G. Nkouathio, A. Kagou Dongmo, P. Wandji, M. Gountie Dedzo & F.M. Tchoua (Download)  p.14

Flanking Microstructures of the Zanskar Shear Zone, Western Indian Himalaya. S. Mukherjee (Download)  p.21

(Download the FULL VERSION)

We would like to thank all who have participated in the release of the first edition of the YES journal and we invite YES members to submit their papers for future editions to the following e-mail address:


We are seeking editors and reviewers for the YES Network Bulletin. Please, if you are interested send an email with a brief resume (CV) to and cc: Dr. Carlos Gonella at 
The Bulletin Team also seeks a Logo! Please inquire to

Carlos and the editorial staff

News from YES Network Websites

Read our RSS feed from the YES Network's blog and from National Chapter websites to find out what's going on around the world in the YES Network.

The YES Network's Blog
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YES Network - Argentina
March 14th
Investigan fósiles de una especie de hemicordados que proporcionaría un eslabón evolutivo clave"Spartobranchus tenius" es un grupo de gusanos bellota.Christopher Cameron y sus colegas del Departamento de Ciencias Biológicas de la Universidad de Montr...
February 11th
Isla de Socotra (Océano Índico): Descubren 69 nuevas especies de insectos.Un equipo internacional de científicos, del que forma parte el profesor Juan Antonio Delgado del Departamento de Zoología y Antropología Física de la Universidad de Murcia, ha descu...
YES Network - Ghana
September 11th
The YES Network is an international association of early-career geoscientists who are primarily under the age of 35 years and are from universities, geoscience organizations and companies from across the world. The YES Network was formed as a result of &#...

YES Network - Italy

Forum about Japan's Tsunami and Earthquake

This forum is focused on the earthquake happened in Japan that has caused the terrifying tsunami. As a first point of discussion, here is the article sent by Prof. Koji Okumura,

YES Network - Malaysia
February 11th
The half day trip to Klang Gate Ridge on the 12th of November 2011 was part of the Explore our Urban Geoheritage programme, jointly organized by Young Earth Scientist (YES) Malaysia Chapter, Institute for Environment and development (LESTARI), and Geolo...
November 1st
Explore our urban geoheritage .... semua dijemput hadir. Makluman tempat terhad. First come first serve basis.
YES Network - Namibia
April 15th
Geological Society of Namibia together with the Colorado School of Mines will be presenting a full day seminar. DATE: Monday 27th April WHERE: Geological Survey Auditorium, Mines and EnergyREGISTRATION: N$ 100.00 per personThis includes the...
March 5th
  UNESCO  2015 Africa Array Geophysics Field School 18 - 27 - July 2015The African Network of Earth Science Institutions (ANESI) through a UNESCO/Sida funding will be sponsoring participants to the Africa Array International Geophysics Field Sc...
YES Network - South Africa
October 12th
33rd  AL du Toit Memorial LectureAfter a couple of years of nonexistence, the GSSA Polokwane branch took it upon their sleeves to also be among the hosts of the 33rd AL du Toit memorial lecture, hosted at the University of Limpopo...
April 10th
The Geological Society of America and the Geological Society of London are offering travel assistance to African students and early career geoscientists to attend the 3rd YES Congress and CAG25. Funds will be distributed in two parts. Upon notification of...
YES Network - USA
September 8th
TED has great talks over various science topics.  Check this one out titled: Discovering Ancient Climates in Oceans and Ice, talk by Rob Dunbar.
September 8th
Want to work on Capitol Hill and have a positive impact for the geosciences? GSA is seeking a new Director of Geoscience Policy. Follow the link for the job description.
YES Network - Uzbekistan
March 20th
"Инженерная защита территорий и безопасность населения: роль и задачи геоэкологии, инженерной геологии и изысканий"EngeoPro-20116-8 сентября 2011 г, Россия, Москва!!Прием тезисов продлен до 31 марта 2011!!В рамках конференции ...
March 14th
There are several items we would like to draw your attention to in this month's Newsletter: and Leadership Opportunities:There are many leadership opportunities are available for YES Network mem...