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The structure of the YES Network that saw us through the YES Congress 2009 meeting has evolved! We are moving to a dynamic team-based approach so that we can engage more members of the YES Network to be involved with developing and expanding the YES Network. You can read more about our new structure in our YES Network Development Plan and Structure documents.

Our new YES Network team will be comprised of the YES Network Support Teams, an Executive Board, a YES Network President, and National Representatives of the National YES Chapters.

Our current executive team will be transitioning out of their current roles in early Summer 2015 after the new YES Network team has been elected. 

Leadership Structure

YES Network President

The YES Network President will be the common point of contact for the YES Network Support Teams and is a representative of the YES Network who will be able to speak for the entire YES Network when required. The YES President will be elected by the YES Network membership every two years. An individual can serve as president a maximum of two terms.

YES Executive Board

The YES Network Executive Board is comprised of the chairpersons of each Support Team and the YES Network President. The Executive Board will work on a collaborative basis with each other to ensure the continuity of the YES Network. Where necessary, the YES Network President or any support team member can be voted out of their position by a majority vote of the executive board members. In such a case, an interim member will be appointed by the Executive Board and to replace the person who was voted out of their position and an election will be held immediately to vote in a new member.

YES Network Support Teams

YES Network members may serve on the YES Network Support Teams. Each Support Team will have 7 individuals. Individuals will be elected by the YES Network membership to serve on the Support Teams every two years. Members can serve a maximum of two terms as a Support Team member. Support Teams will work on a collaborative basis with each other to ensure the continuity of the YES Network. In the case where there are not enough candidates to fill all of the Support Team positions, candidates may serve on two Support Teams; however, they may not be chairpersons of more than one Support Team. 

Each Support Team will have a chairperson who will be elected by the members of the Support Team after the general Support Team elections have occurred. The chairperson of each Support Team will be responsible for keeping the information flowing between the teams and the YES Network membership. Their duties include taking meeting notes for Support Team meetings, and serving as an Executive Board member to keep the flow of information and ideas moving through the Support Teams and YES Network membership.

1. Communicating Science

Aims: To improve the communication of geosciences between disciplines, spatially around the globe, to policy makers and to the general public.


- Workshops both at conferences and online

- Roundtable discussion events at International Conferences ( and broadcast live via webinar)

- Promoting YES Network events in Regions and at a National Chapter Level

- Initiation of Policy-Science link project to be launched at Brisbane 2012

- Innovative outreach project- to be launched at Brisbane 2012

PERSONS: Team Leader & Task Leaders PLUS workgroups as needed

2. Career Development 

Aims: To support YES members globally through their education and career.


- Workshops both at conferences and offline (e.g. CV workshops)

- Promoting networking at conferences via YES Network social events

- Online resources, information packs and job links

- Mentoring: To be launched in 2012

- Buddy -scheme and ‘mentor through session organisation'

PERSONS: Team Leader & Task Leaders PLUS workgroups as needed

3. YES Network In the Regions

Aims: To promote the development of the YES Network at a local level.


- To be coordinated by Regional Representatives, working with National Representatives

- National Chapter Blog and web presence

- Promotion of local Yes Network events, and participation of YES chapters in Regional and National Scientific conferences.

- National and Regional pages with local resources on the YES Network website

- Linking individual members directly with YES Network activities

PERSONS: Team Leader

4. YES Network Support

Aims: To provide support and administration to the running of the YES Network.

Communications and Support Team:

Secretary - Coordinate mailing lists, distributing emails, collating responses.

Newsletter Sub Team: Collate and publish the YES Network newsletter

Finance coordinators

Organisational Coordinator- Maintain links with affiliated and linked organisations and organisations representatives

Marketing coordinator- actively look for opportunities to promote the YES Network

Web support officers- to maintain the Yes Network website, Facebook and Twitter pages

Ex-officio officers- act as mentors to successors

Advisors and mentors - Panel of experienced persons for advice and information

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