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About the YES Network

The YES Network is an international association of early-career geoscientists who are primarily under the age of 35 years and are from universities, geoscience organizations and companies from across the world. The YES Network was formed as a result of the International Year of Planet Earth in 2007. In 2009, in collaboration with the IYPE and under the patronage of UNESCO, the YES Network organized its first international Congress at the China University of Geosciences in Beijing, China. The Congress focused on climate, environmental and geoscience challenges facing today’s society, as well as career and academic pathway challenges faced by early-career geoscientists. The YES Network aims to establish an interdisciplinary global network of individuals committed to solving these challenges, and furthering the IYPE motto of “Earth Sciences for Society”.

YES Network Vision

The YES Network aims to link early-career geoscientists through scientific research and interdisciplinary networking. It aims to provide resources for professional development to prepare early-career geoscientists for geoscience careers and to help prepare them to serve as key leaders and advisors on the intersections between environmental sustainability, geo-resource exploration, and quality of human life issues.

YES Network Mission

The YES Network promotes the development of the geosciences through the following activities:

Establishing an extensive worldwide network of early-career geoscientists.

Providing professional development resources and opportunities for early-career geoscientists.

Building bridges between early-career geoscientists and politicians, economists, and administrators.

Fostering international collaborations between early-career geoscientists.

Raising the public profile of the geosciences through educational outreach and service activities that focus on global scientific and policy issues.

Promoting scientific, professional, and academic collaborations between early-career and senior geoscientists.

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